There are those days that when you wake up, you think back about all the glorious moments in your life. There probably aren't many. That's ok. That just makes those Stickrunners seasons more unique. You know you loved it. The taste of victory. The smell of fear in your enemies just before obliterating them with that quad. The feeling you get after beating them up a little with your gauntlet. The satisfaction of pushing someone over the edge and making him ragequit, and rubbing that screenshot in his face afterwards. Yeah, there's nothing quite like Quake.

So after idling for a couple of years, we finally decided to organise one more Stickrunners season for old times' sake. That's right. We're back in business and we're here to help you take your Sundays back. No more nagging lovers, no more tear jerkers you have to sit through pretending you're tough. No need to keep up appearances here. We know you're tough. All you have to do is make a stand and sign up by contacting us in #stickrunners on Quakenet.

I know, your first thought is "wtf?". It was mine too. I could not believe it either what a slacker you have been. I still can't. So here is what we are going to do to fix this:

Looks good eh? I thought so too. Now signup @ #stickrunners on Quakenet and claim your Sundays back!

See you soon,